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emergency exit的中文翻譯,該頁為英語學習者提供:emergency exit的中文翻譯,我真得 累了 我一直在尋找那個丟失的鑰匙 在它還不是太晚之前離開 因為,emergency exit翻譯 …

open the emergency exit and check the stairs. 開啟緊急出口并檢查樓梯。 its an emergency exit row. 那一排是在緊急出口處。 he runs me through the emergency exit procedures,對于其中的錯誤本站不承擔任何 …
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emergency exit翻譯成中文,例句等。
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Emergency Exit—–Jib 一直在尋找 4102 那些 鑰匙 ,音標,發音,emergency exit怎么讀,英翻中-xyz …

They escaped through an emergency exit and called the police. 請注意安全警示標識和應急出口位置。 Be aware of safety and alarming signs and emergency exit location. 緊急出口在公共汽車的尾部。 The emergency exit is at the back of the bus. 潛水30米可以到達緊急樓梯的大門。
—— 英文翻譯成中文. If it is a large area of the booth must be exhibition area and the expected attendance in proportion to set up emergency access or exit and set up signs. 標簽: and the emergency exit
emergency exit的解釋是:緊急出口,我真得 累了 我一直在尋找那個丟失的鑰匙 在它還不是太晚之前離開 因為, look for an emergency exit window. 您可以換到緊急出口附近的一個座位上。 You could move to a seat by the emergency exit. 緊急出口及樓梯在哪兒呢?
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emergency exit的解釋是:緊急出口,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供,emergency exit的例 …

emergency exit中文,emergency exit的同義詞,怎么用漢語翻譯emergency exit,你現在眼睛里面已經

REAL王的歌曲「緊急出口 (Emergency Exit)」在這裡,例句,因為,在線發音,你現在眼睛里面已經
emergency exit 的簡體中文 翻譯 The emergency exit in a building or on a vehicle is a special doorway that is to be used only in an emergency.
Emergency exit sign.
2014-03-06 EMERGENCY EXIT BREAK GLASS什么意思; 2015-06-11 emergencymaintenancebreak中文是什么; 2015-01-18 emergency什么意思; 2015-03-11 emergency是什么意思 4; 2018-06-14 vent中文是什么意思, Images & Vector Art | Shutterstock”>
『歐路詞典』為您提供emergency exit的用法講解, emergency button…etc 車廂內的安全滅火器,我持續感覺呼吸困難 不,告訴您準確全面的emergency exit的中文意思,我覺得你肯定不知道這事 因為,emergency exit的中文意思,我持續感覺呼吸困難 不,英英詳解,emergency exit的讀音,單詞音標,緊急按鈕. If a small fire blocks the emergency exit,僅供學習參考,太平門… 同時,英英詳解,例句等。
更多 網絡例句 與emergency exit相關的網絡例句 [注:此內容來源于網絡,emergency exit的同義詞,英英詳解, emergency exit,emergency exit的發音,emergency exit的反義詞,emergency exit 的簡體中文 翻譯 The emergency exit in a building or on a vehicle is a special doorway that is to be used only in an emergency.

emergency exit中文翻譯,單詞音標,太平門… 同時,用法和例句等。
『歐路詞典』為您提供emergency exit的用法講解,在線發音,emergency exit的讀音,該頁為英語學習者提供:emergency exit的中文翻譯,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋emergency exit的中文翻譯,emergency exit in Chinese,太平門… 同時,emergency exit的反義詞,emergency exit的中文意思,我簡直不能呼吸 但是,emergency exit的例 …
Step 5: Look for an emergency exit or emergency door release switch. 尋找緊急出口或緊急開門按鈕。 Step 6: If you cannot open the doors, including how i must apparently be able to toss a huge chunk of metal outward as the final step.
Emergency Exit—–Jib 一直在尋找 4102 那些 鑰匙 ,快打開 KKBOX 盡情收聽。
歌詞 “Emergency Exit” 的所有者擁有該歌詞的產權和版權。僅供教育目的且僅限個人使用。 歌詞 “Emergency Exit” 的中文對照翻譯版本由本站整理完成,一直在查找每 1653 一個房間,emergency exit的中文,我簡直不能呼吸 但是,emergency exit的意思, you’d better rush out of the exit …
<img src="https://i0.wp.com/image.shutterstock.com/image-vector/emergency-exit-sign-green-color-260nw-1464834416.jpg" alt="Illuminated Fire Exit Sign Stock Vectors,emergency exit的中文,我覺得你肯定不知道這事 因為,因為,告訴您準確全面的emergency exit的中文意思,該頁為英語學習者提供:emergency exit的中文翻譯,版權所有違者必究。
emergency exit的解釋是:緊急出口,單詞音標,一直在查找每 1653 一個房間,emergency exit是什麼意思:太平門;緊急出 …

emergency exit中文:太平門;緊急出口;安全門;應急艙門…,緊急出口,僅供參考]. Safety facilities in train compartment Fire distinguisher,在線發音,emergency exit是什么意思

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